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About us

Welcome to Realty Lebanon - Lebanon's premium REALTOR Your Real Estate EXPERTS

Realty Lebanon is a group of Lebanese professionals and ambitious people with only one aim, Real Estate professionalism and perfection.
Our services cover all the needs of a real estate buyers and sellers, starting from Brokerage, property managementproperty evaluation to feasibility studies, taking care of your property legal formalities, We offer help in preparing all plans and to build your dream house or villa.
We cater in particular to the Lebanese expatriate, or Lebanese diaspora. We understand your needs to have a trusted company to help with the issues of inheritance, valuation, documentation, selling, buying, and all other needs when living abroad. At Realty Lebanon, we act as your agents, and work on your behalf to provide you with all the services you would expect from a professional realtor.
Our team is available to help you choose the right real estate investment in Lebanon, according to your needs and budget.
While prices of real estate around the world are crashing, Lebanon has maintained property prices across all real estate sectors. No matter what the economic or political conditions are, real estate prices in Lebanon are stable, they may stand still for a while, but then continue rising when things improve.
The obvious reason is that we have limited land resources and real estate is always in demand, both by locals and foreign investors.
We really do believe that Lebanese should come back to Lebanon- the piece of heaven on earth. With Realty Lebanon expertise, your real estate mission will be more comfortable and successful.
Welcome back to Lebanon
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Valuation and Appraisal

As licensed appraisers and sworn expert property valuers, Realty Lebanon possess the extensive training and qualifications to give you unbiased credible home value report that you need for financing ,selling or remortgaging your property.

Real estate appraisal, property valuation or land valuation depends on many factors. The value of your property is dependent on the current market value. We use various techniques to evaluate your property based on the methods used and approved by the Lebanese laws. Our sworn valuation experts reports are accepted in courts around the world.

Appraisals are needed because every property is unique.  All properties differ from each other in their location – which is an important factor in their value, their age, the material used, the condition, and other factors.

Our appraisals and valuation reports can be used in courts for legal settlements, in case of disputes, or in case of divorce or inheritance issues.  The valuation reports can be ordered online through our website, or you can call or Whatsapp for more info at +961 3 67 61 61.

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